24 Tips for Families

Welcome to Lincoln and a brand new campus. Whether you are new to the school or an old hand, we hope this information is helpful. 

Consider Friends of Lincoln as your go-to place for information and help on how to get involved and support our students and teachers. GO CARDS!

1. Staying Up To Date

Three easy ways to be informed.

A. Watch for updates from Lincoln’s admin team. 
These will be emails from our principal Peyton Chapman, vice principals Travis Johnson, Maude Lamont and Steve Pape, athletic director Sean Mailey or business manager Jill Ross.

Know that if you “opt-out” of any emails from PPS you will also be removed from Lincoln’s mailing list. As a new Lincoln parent, you are automatically enrolled in Lincoln and PPS’s electronic mailing lists. Opting out of one means you opt out of all emails.

If you want to receive news, sports, career and college information, links to calendars, social media, construction updates, and more, you’ll want to be on this list. Contact Jill Ross to verify your email address in the PPS system or unblock your opt-out.

See the full admin team and their contact information here

Student Shout Outs: Please send the admin team news of student involvement for their newsletters. They rely on our community for information we might not otherwise know. Celebrating students and their wide range of interests and passions helps others see the opportunities available to students. Lincoln can then also highlight all the engagement happening in our urban public schools. 

B. Sign up for our newsletter.
Get on the Friends of Lincoln email list. Please tell us a bit about yourself in the "your message" field so that we send you the most relevant content (i.e. parent of a 2026 graduate, alumni, community member).

Message Sent!

Thanks for signing up.

C. Visit other resources. 

Download the Trivory App

Can’t keep A & B days straight? Add this free app developed by Roosevelt High School students to your phone to have events, the bell schedule, reminders, news, full school calendar, bus trackers, staff directory, office hours, Lincoln specific links and more at your fingertips. It is a simple, must have tool to navigate daily life at school for both parents and for your students. 

Lincoln Website

Visit the Lincoln High School website.

Lincoln Athletics Website

Find updates about athletics here. 

Student Activities Page

Under Student Activities, see links to many clubs and departments including Lincoln Drama which has its own site at

Lincoln Facebook

Follow happenings at Lincoln here. 

Friends of Lincoln Facebook

Follow postings from clubs, sports, and more. 

2. Key Events

Get things on your radar,  including volunteer opportunities, by visiting our events page, which includes a link to the Lincoln Yearlong Calendar, full Athletic's Calendar and Trivory.


3. Volunteer

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year. All are updated on the FoL website, with easy sign up. Friends of Lincoln is always in need of volunteers for key projects like site beautification, teacher appreciation events, and to join the development, marketing, design, athletic and financial teams. If you can find time to spare, we can fit projects to your skills.

4. Support for Your Student

AVID gives students extra help to stay up to date with their work and gives specific support across the curriculum. You need to request to sign up for this class. Check-in with your counselor or Steve Pape (the VP who oversees this program). Space is limited.

Flex is valuable makeup time weaved into the kids’ schedule to get work done and talk with specific teachers to help complete projects. These occur twice a week during full weeks.

Math is supported by an incredible team of teacher-leaders. If you have specific questions about math at Lincoln, please reach out to Travis Johnson, VP responsible for math. 

And more:
A list of all teaching and support staff is on the Lincoln website.

5. Athletics

If your student wants to compete in any of the athletic programs, check for timings of sign-ups and try-outs.

To try out, your student must have a medical sign-off by their physician. It is worth scheduling this in advance, so you aren’t held up. It is renewed every two years.

Most athletic activities fall under the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL). If not, they are independent clubs run by coaches, such as rugby, fencing, and equestrian. You will receive information on how to sign up and costs from the head coaches.

If you are unable to cover the cost of participation, please let the person coaching the sport or Sean Mailey know. Friends of Lincoln ensures finance will never be a barrier to participation.


6. Extracurricular Activities

Friends of Lincoln ensures the ability to pay is never a barrier to participation in any extracurricular activity at Lincoln. Contact [email protected] for more information.

The drama department performs shows throughout the year. Check for updates on how to join.

It’s not too late to get involved in choir and band at Lincoln! Email choir director Lisa Riffel or instrumental music director David Kays to discuss opportunities are available and for you and to schedule an audition. Music education contributes to improved creativity and confidence, better mental health and emotional stability, and enhanced cognitive function and student performance. 

Lincoln has a wide number of thriving clubs. Check under Student Activities for an updated list.

There is a Club Fair in September for students to meet the organizers and sign up. If your student doesn’t see what they enjoy, they are encouraged to set up their own club. Here are a couple of examples: 

• The Constitution Team recruits towards the end of the school year for the next year. It is open to 10-12th grade students. Tryouts are in the Spring.

Brothers and Sisters of Color sign up is at the club fair or by contacting them through Student Activities on the Lincoln website.  

7. Student Publications

Sign up for all Lincoln publications showcasing our students’ talents, opinions, and thoughtful discussion under: Student Activities | Publications & Yearbook on the LHS website.

You can also get in touch with the students working on these publications if you would like to support with advertising.

Cardinal Times 

A monthly newspaper established in 1897 highlights school-based issues. Sign up to receive a copy by mail and follow at

Beyond the Flock 

 A monthly magazine discussing wider social issues.

Puño & Letra

A monthly magazine in Spanish. 

Puño & Letra


Information will come out to sign up for your copy through SchoolPay.

LHS Yearbook

8. Student Store

For most of the school year, the Student Store will be online (reopening 9/18 with some new items), so you can purchase a wide range of Lincoln Flock apparel. Hoodies, hats, sweatshirts and pants, car decals .... the list goes on. You can access the store through the Store link at

The store at the main entrance of the school is generally open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays during lunch. 

Having great Lincoln merch on hand requires ordering, inventory, merchandising, sales... want to help? Contact Kirsten Maycumber at [email protected].

9. Paying for Activities

Most school-related activities are paid through SchoolPay. You are automatically enrolled at registration. If you have not used it before, click the ‘find my account’ button and enter the email you used when registering your student.

At the start of the year, families are invited to contribute to the costs of their student’s classes. This is a huge expense that Friends of Lincoln will also be supporting, so your contribution to these classes will be valuable. You can find every class donation request on SchoolPay.

FoL provides support throughout the year to students and families who may need assistance to ensure the ability to pay is never a barrier to participation. FoL supports athletics, clubs, classroom projects, enrichment programs and funding teachers. We ask for $600 per student each year. This works out at $50 a month. Whatever people can pay will make a difference. Set up monthly payments for whatever you can afford at

10. Counselors

You will be told the name of your student’s counselor. They are assigned alphabetically and typically stay with your student throughout their time at Lincoln.

Your student will meet with their counselor who will then be available to support them with class choices, building up to college preparation, and assist with any other challenging issues during their time at Lincoln. 

The Counseling Center is the place to come for information, support and/or referrals on various topics, including academic planning/success, credit recovery options, post-high school planning, social or mental health issues, off-campus learning options and much more.


11. Absences

Here are two steps we think each of you should know.

Note: Per district policy it is the parent’s responsibility to clear unexcused absences within two school days or 72 hours of the absence or the absences(s) will remain unexcused.

Present/Future Full Day

Log in to the ParentVUE website or download and open the phone application. In either case, look for the "Report Absence" button to the right of your student's photograph. Select start date, end date, and a reason from a drop-down list. Add a note if needed. Remember to click SAVE and you should receive a popup confirmation.

Partial/Past Day

Go to Lincoln High School's main webpage and click on the lred button with the Cardinal in flight on the right side of the page. It will take you to a Google form that will ask for your email, student ID*, name, date of absence, partial (arrive late, leave early, out and back in) and a few other related questions.  

If you need to pick your child up early for a doctor’s appointment or other reason, please fill out the Google attendance form using the BIG RED BIRD BUTTON on Lincoln's homepage . For any other questions on attendance, contact [email protected].

12. Student Services, Room 240

This is a hub of all knowledge and help for students. You can also touch base with the admin team regarding payments (a helpful contact is Bookkeeper, Laura Lambert at [email protected]), and issues regarding your student. 

13. Computer/Platforms

Lincoln uses the Google suite for most classroom needs. If your student already has a computer/tablet, great. If not, a Chromebook or equivalent will meet the needs of most LHS students. Thanks to the voters' passage of a recent bond, all PPS students will receive a district-owned Chromebook. These Chromebooks are provided at no cost to students but must be returned to the district upon departure or graduation from a PPS school. Contact Jill Ross for more information.

14. Lunch at School

Lunchtime varies depending on the day’s bell schedule. LHS encourages all students to eat meals together in the new LHS Commons or the adjacent Plaza area just outside the Cafe.

Free and reduced breakfast and lunch is available for anyone who qualifies. PPS Nutritional Services provides breakfast for $1.60 ($.00 for students who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals) or lunch for $3.50 ($.00 for students who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals). SchoolCafé is a safe, secure online payment system that can be used to fund student meal accounts.

While students can also either bring a sack lunch or purchase lunch at nearby vendors, Lincoln recommends eating the same lunch at school with peers to help create a shared sense of belonging and community. While LHS does have an ‘’open campus” during lunch they encourage as many students as possible to stay on campus, especially freshmen. There really isn’t enough time to go very far and get back to class on time.

No food or drinks besides water are allowed in classrooms during class time to help Lincoln's limited custodial staffing. Students are expected to clean their own tables after eating and to help take care of personal or group refuse during school hours.

15. Lockers

In all new PPS buildings, lockers are auto-assigned. Find your student's locker details in Synergy/ParentVUE (on the Student Info tab). In the new building, everyone gets their own locker. Freshmen are on the second floor and sophomores, juniors and seniors are randomly placed on the third through fifth floors. There is also ample space for sports, music, and club equipment in additional lockers. 

Find Locker in Synergy/ParentVUE

16. Elevators/Stairs

Only staff will have elevator passes. Lincoln front office staff will work with students who require a pass for accessibility.

17. Transportation

All PPS students are given a free Tri-Met pass. There are traditional school buses serving areas beyond the reach of Tri-Met. Find more information on those routes. Neighborhood parking spots are limited to seniors and permits are given out in a lottery. Yellow bus routes have been restored for Skyline and Forest Heights. 

18. New Track, Field & Stadium

Construction is complete for the 2023-2024 school year!

19. Language Access Services

You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you. Please point to your language using the button below. An interpreter will be called.

20. Useful Numbers for Mental Health Support

If you have questions about supporting your child’s mental health, please reach out to your child’s counselor at Lincoln, the school nurse (extension 87149), or school social worker (extension 87716). The school can help connect your child to support.

Other Useful Numbers:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 24/7.  English: 800-273-8255, Spanish: 800-628-9454.

Urgent Walk-In Clinic - Like ZoomCare for Mental Heath - 4212 SE Division - 503-963-2575 -  DAILY 7 AM-10:30 PM - Insurance not a barrier.

Kaiser Crisis Line - 503-331-6425 - If you have Kaiser insurance.   

988 Suicide and Crisis Line: Dial 988 to get support or visit

Oregon Youthline - For youth to connect with other youth. Text: Teen2Teen to 839863 to instantly text with another person. 

Trevor Project: supporting LGBTQiA+ youth, Text START to 678678 or TrevorLifeLine 866-488-7386.

Lines for Life Racial Equity Support Line staffed by & for People of Color 503-575-3764.

21. Community Resources

Call or text 211 to get support with connecting with available resources such as food, clothing, and housing. 211 has the most up-to-date information. Lincoln can also help students needing clothing. Don't hesitate to get in touch with school social workers (extension 87716). 

22. A Few Other Details & Resources You May Have Missed


292,000 Square Feet

Find schedules and transcripts on Synergy

Interactive Course Guide

Benefits of an IB Education
Learn more about Lincoln's International Baccalaureate (IB)program.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Handbook on Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline

School Climate Handbook

As Lincoln continues to focus on diversity, equity & inclusion, they ask all students and families to please reflect on what it means to be a member of a safe and caring learning community where high levels of respect and trust are expected. The Lincoln community does not tolerate hate speech, racism, sexism, othering for any reason, or bullying/ harassment of any kind.

G - Global: Our actions in Portland and the US impact others worldwide and vice versa. 
O - Open-minded: Come willing to learn, adapt, adjust and grow.

C - Caring: Helping others helps ourselves and creates a sense of belonging for everyone. We all need a little care/help.
A - Altruistic: Placing others above self when appropriate. The WE is greater than the ME at LHS. 
R - Respect: Racial Equity Social Justice (RESJ) and learning what respect means to different people & cultures.
D - Dedicated: Effort is directed to learning, growing, and developing skills, interests and passions that can help improve our world. 
S - Supportive: Taking the time to listen and understand what others need, and then provide help. 

23. Go PaperLess

Did you know one of PPS's biggest expenses is paper and mailing costs? To help us reduce this cost, the district is now offering paperless report cards. To opt into this, please go to update your "My Account" information in ParentVue and select the Go Green/Paperless selection. 

24. Help Us Help Each Other

Have questions we haven’t addressed? Have ideas for content to add for new Lincoln parents? Let us know at [email protected].